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Family Connect Demo

Below is a numbered diagram of what you will see when you visit your SMH Family Connect homepage for the first time. Read the corresponding list above the screenshot to understand what each element is.

1. This is your URL. Copy the full address which starts with "http://" and ends with "p=" and a number. Give that address to anyone you want to visit and see your status updates.

2. When you first login you will be prompted on this page to set a PIN number. We highly advise you do this first thing. You will need to give this PIN to anyone you want to see your updates. Now you have two things to give friends and family: URL and PIN. These are the only two items you will need to hand out.

3. This is your update form. Use this form to post updates on your status page. Simply fill in the field labeled "Update Status:" then hit the button labeled the same way. If you would like to attach an image, select one by hitting the "Choose File" button before hitting the "Update Status" button. Attaching an image is optional and will over-write whatever previous image was posted.

Demo Image Screen

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