July 2010

18-Point Heart Inspection
If we showed our hearts the same respect that we show our cars – preventative maintenance with advanced diagnostics to keep engines running smoothly – heart disease wouldn't be the nation's number one killer. Schedule your 18-Point Heart Inspection today! Sarasota Memorial's Cardiovascular Disease Assessment Center has developed a novel series of 18 non-invasive heart, lung and circulation tests that do more than detect individual risk factors ... they predict and reveal the earliest markers of disease – giving you warning signs and time to steer clear of the danger zone! Learn more by calling (941) 917-6969 or visiting our website.

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National Night Out
The City of Sarasota, Sarasota County, Sarasota Memorial and other community leaders will join together to host the 27th annual National Night Out, 7-9 pm, Aug. 3, Payne Park, 2000 Adams Lane, Sarasota. The free program is designed to heighten awareness about crime & drug prevention, generate participation in anti-crime efforts and strengthen neighborhood spirit. Information: (941) 954-2613.

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Heart Failure Exercise Program
People living with heart failure can increase their energy level and strengthen their hearts by making exercise part of their lifestyle. Sarasota Memorial's cardiac rehab exercise physiologists lead supervised programs for people living with heart failure who are starting a new exercise regime. Sessions are held every Tuesday, 2:30-3:30 pm, at Healthplex in Sarasota Memorial's Institute for Advanced Medicine, 5880 Rand Blvd., Sarasota. No physician referral is necessary. Cost: $20 for four sessions. Call (941) 917-6139 to register.

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Healing Arts

Relax at Sarasota Memorial’s free expressive arts studio, a weekly program to promote creative expression, relaxation, health and healing, every Monday, at Sarasota Memorial's Institute for Advanced Medicine, 5880 Rand Blvd., Sarasota. Supplies provided. RSVP: (941) 917-7293.

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Understanding Memory Loss
Learn how memory works, what changes normally occur as we age and ways to maintain a healthy brain. Sarasota Memorial’s Memory Disorder Clinic provides free memory screenings each month and group presentations. Call (941) 917-7197.

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Community Health Calendar
Upcoming events, classes, support groups. Register online or call
(941) 917-7777

  • » Caregiver Connection: 2nd Wednesday of the month. Information: (941) 917-4156
  • » Childbirth Education (free and fee-based classes); Mommies & Babies Get-Together - Every Wednesday. Information: (941) 917-1700
  • » Diabetes Education: 1st Monday of the month. Information: (941) 917-7468
  • » FREE Memory Screenings: (941) 917-7197
  • » FREE Mental Health Assessments: (941) 917-7760
  • » Living Well With Heart Failure: (941) 917-2114
  • » Men to Men Prostate Cancer Support Group: 4th Monday of the month. Information: (941) 309-7473
  • » MS Friends of Hope: 3rd Thursday of the month. Information: (941) 917-7777
  • » Stroke Support: 2nd Wednesday of the month. Information: (941) 917-7048
  • » Parkinson Support: Sarasota - every 3rd Wednesday; Venice - every 4th Thursday; North Port - every 2nd Wednesday; Manatee - every 1st Wednesday. Information: (941) 917-4156
  • » Breast Feeding Support: Every Tuesday. Information: (941) 917-1700


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Taking more steps in a day lowers your risk of an extremely common condition known as metabolic syndrome, which can lead to heart disease and diabetes, according to a new study.  Researchers examined a 2005-2006 study that tracked 1,446 adults (average age of 47.5) as they went about their days.  The participants wore high-quality pedometers (known as accelerometers) that allowed researchers to accurately count the number of steps they took each day and sort them into three groups: ‘sedentary’ (fewer than 5000 steps a day), ‘low-to-somewhat-active’ (5,000 to 9,999 steps a day), and ‘active-to-highly active’ (10,000 or more steps a day). Researchers found that almost 56 percent of those who took the least steps had metabolic syndrome, but just 13 percent of those who took the most steps had it. Overall, about a third had metabolic syndrome.

The research shows only a connection between more walking and better health; it doesn't prove that simply walking more will make you healthier. Still, the findings suggest that incorporating even minimal physical activity into your lifestyle can make a difference. The exercise professionals at Healthplex offer many options to help meet your health and fitness goals, including nutritional counseling, personal training and group exercise classes. To learn more about our programs, stop by for a tour, call (941) 917-7000 or visit www.SarasotaHealthplex.com.

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Upcoming Foundation Events

SMH EPIC Fun-Raising Party
Join SMH physicians and staff for an EPIC fun-raising party Friday, May 6, at Gecko’s “Hillview.” The popular physician band Dr. FeelGood will perform 4:30-8:30 pm, and those who donate $5 at the door will enjoy a buffet of free food and appetizers provided by Gecko’s. All donations benefit the Sarasota Memorial Healthcare Foundation’s EPIC (Employee Partners in Caring) Campaign supporting advanced services, technology and staff education at Sarasota Memorial.

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